Irasshaimase!  This is the assorted overspill of my anime card addiction, err... collections. ^^
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Collect other anime items? I've got spare shitajiki (pencil boards) for sale/trade here,
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Notes: As long as my pages are up, it means I'm still collecting and trading and selling extras. :)
The info about cards sets on my pages is what *I* know, which could be lacking for TOTAL information about a given set,
especially when it comes to mailaway/present/lucky draw/promo type cards.

Anime Trading Card Sets' Info And/Or Extras (click on name to access)


OTHER includes: Fruits Basket, RAVE, King of Bandit Jing, Sukisho (yaoi), Rurouni Kenshin, BLEACH,
Houshin Engi, Tsubasa Chronicle, Matantei Loki Ragnarok, Hikaru no Go, Get Backers, BRAVE 10, Blue Exorcist,
Fullmetal Alchemist, Kyou Kara Maoh (Maou), Meine Liebe, Saiyuki, Gundam Seed, Gakuen Heaven,
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de, Fate / Stay Night, Shakugan no Shana, Ouran Host Club, LOVELESS,
Mai HIME, BLACK CAT, Code Geass, D. Gray-man, Saiunkoku, Kuroshitsuji, Uraboku, Natsume Yuujinchou....

Japanese Anime Cards Released Recently/Soon:

Err, not seen much of anything except some gaming cards due out. More oddball type "cards" (mini clearfiles, SP bromides) have seen.
Jumbo Carddass, which can't buy boxes of as done in vending machines, is still doing various sets for Free, Kuroko no Basuke, etc,
which has also included some metallic picture card sets (again not sold in boxes). So need someone in Japan to help get them or to bid on auctions.

December 2018 onwards: Not seen anything for trading cards due out for months now. =[
Some sets have seen 2019 into 2021 onwards, but so much less than before, and most types are not typical card types.

New Prince of Tennis: Aug 2022: Bandai: Metallic Pura (aka short for plastic) Card Wafer set: 29 cards in the set: 12 specials, 15 character cards,
and 2 visual cards. 1 card and 2 chocolate wafers in one pack (150Yen+tax). PofT JP Official News Site has set info and images and link to Bandai's product page.

Detective Conan: MOVIC: Oct, 2022: Vol 3: PashaColle (= instant photo style collection, cards look like Polaroids) set: 33 cards (~6.3x8.9cm) in set, 3c/pack,
10p/box, 2750Yen w/tax/box.

Sad lack of anime trading card sets last several years now ; ____ ;


Older released Japanese anime trading cards:

Even older sets released

Bungo Stray Dogs: MOVIC: Feb, 2020: PashaColle set Vol 3: 44 cards (8 rare, 36 regs) in set, 3c/pack, 10p/box, 2500Yen+tax/box. There's also 2 box
PashaColle cards. Random pick of which of the two you get if you buy a box. amiami listing (sample images)
The Case Files of Jeweler Richard: made by HiFuMi Shobo: Nov 2020: Memorial Bromide Set: 12 cards in set, 3c/pack, 8p/box, 2500Yen+tax/box. Bromides
are L size (127 x 89mm). Images in set
Detective Conan: Media Factory (Kadokawa): Mar 31, 2020: Bromide Collection 7: 30 bromides (89mmX127mm) in set + mini clearfile:
anime style artwork: 2 bromides + mini clearfile in each pack (15p/box). Only ONE mini clearfile style. Get all 30 w/ 1 box. 8250Y/box.
Detective Conan: MOVIC: April, 2020: Vol 2: PashaColle (= instant photo style collection, cards look like Polaroids) set: 40 cards in set, 3c/pack,
10p/box, 2500Yen+tax/box. Delayed to Apr 2022? Re-released Apr 2022?
Detective Conan: Ensky: April (delayed to May), 2020: Metallic Card Collection: 32 cards (54mmX86mm) in set:
anime style artwork: 1 card/pack, 20p/box: 2200Y+ tax for a box
Detective Conan: Ensky: April, 2021: Clear Card Gum Collection Set 2: 32 cards (63mmX89mm) in set + 1 box card:
anime style artwork: 2 cards+gum (soda flavour) each pack (16p/box). 3520Y/box. Some card images: Artwork seems
all from various art seen on other recent or due out goods. Box card = 2020 calendar cover
Haikyuu!! : Kamio Japan: Dec, 2021: Trading Clear Card set: 46 plastic cards (63x89mm) in set: 2c/p, 23p/box, 10,120Yen/box. amiami (has images)
Haikyuu!! S4 (To the Top): Ensky: Feb, 2021: Clear Card Gum Collection 2: 55 cards (63mmX89mm) in set + 1 box card
Haikyuu!!: June 2022: MOVIC: Neon Collection Card Set: 30 regs and 30 rare (holograms) (SAME images as regs): 6.3x8.8cm size, 2c/p, 10p/box,
3300Yen/box. amiami has set info and images.
Jujutsu Kaisen: Ensky: Dec, 2021: Long Sticker Gum Set: 36 set: 3 stickers+gum (soda flavour) each pack (16p/box). 3520Y/box.
Sticker is ~52x156mm. amiami (has images)
Jujutsu Kaisen: Ensky: Dec, 2021: Metallic Card Collection Gum Set: 32 set + 1 box card (1st pressing only): 2 cards+gum (soda flavour)
each pack (16p/box). 3520Y/box. Card size is 54x86mm. amiami (has images)
Jujutsu Kaisen: Ensky: Nov, 2021: Deco Sticker Gum Set: 36 set: 2 stickers+2 gum (tablet type, strawberry flavour) each pack (20p/box). 3300Y/box.
Deco size is ~50x82mm. amiami (has some images)
Jujutsu Kaisen: Bandai: Feb, 2021: Wafer set: 25 cards in set. 1 plastic card plus wafer in a foil pack, 20p/box, 2640Yen a box.
Jujutsu Kaisen: Bandai (Carddass): Apr, 2021: Metal Card Collection: 30 cards in set, 2 cards/pack (20p/box). 4400Y/box.
Jujutsu Kaisen: Ensky: May, 2021: Clear Card Gum Collection: 32 cards (63mmX89mm) in set + 1 box card
(1st pressing only): 2 cards+gum(soda flavour) each pack (16p/box). 3520Y/box. amiami (card images)
Jujutsu Kaisen: Bandai: June, 2021: Wafer 2 set: 26 cards in set (?). 1 plastic card plus wafer in a foil pack, 20p/box, 2640Yen a box.
amiami (has some card images)
Natsume Yuujinchou: Ensky: March, 2022: Metallic Card Collection Gum (First Release Limited Edition): 32 card set (plus one box card):
16 packs/box: 2 cards (5.4X8.6cm) plus piece of gum (soda flavour) in a pack, 3200Y (3520 w/tax)/ box
New Prince of Tennis: Ensky: March, 2020: Clear Portrait Card set: 18 clear cards (plastic) in set: 2 cards/pack, 9 packs/box.
Cards are 12.7cm x 8.9cm (bigger than normal). Box cost is 4950Yen+tax?
New Prince of Tennis: Apr 17, 2021: MOVIC: Share Memo Collection (trading cards, sort of, plastic clear cards with character shots with little
or no background, as can use it to take picture with (so looks like the character is wherever taking picture), or can write a note on the blank area
to give to someone, or you can trade them): Hyotei vs Rikkai set: 5400Yen+tax for box, 18p/box, 2 cards/pack, cards are 9x5.5cm:
36 cards total: 9 Hyotei members (Atobe,Oshitari,Shishido,Otori,Jirou,Gakuto,Kabaji,Hiyoshi,Taki Haginosuke) with 2 (different shots) cards each,
and 9 Rikkai members (Yukimura,Sanada,Bunta,Jackal,Yanagi,Nioh,Yagyuu,Kirihara,Tamagawa Yoshio) 2 (different shots) cards each. Image
Tiger and Bunny: MOVIC: March, 2021: PashaColle set: 49 cards (9 rare gold foil, 40 regs) in set, 3c/pack, 10p/box, 2750Yen/box.
amimami listing (includes images of all the cards)



Detective Conan Amada PP2 (exists?)
Detective Conan Movie Coll1: #10,38,74,101,165,168
Meine Liebe TC2: Orphe box card
Prince of Tennis: Trading Card Set (Konami) Part1: SP1-18
Prince of Tennis: Trading Card Set (Konami) Part2: SP1,3,7-18
Prince of Tennis: Shining Clear Card Vol6 #47 (Inui)
Shakugan no Shana: Regs #14,24,57
MKR: Ferio, Clef, Lantis, Eagle, SD pictures
Houshin Engi Carddass Masters Set 2: 11,15,16,17,18,28-30,36,37,40,42,49,50,52,84,111;EX1-9

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